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Norwegian Riders, Welcome to MITA

MITA is the new administration system for Norways Motor Sports Federation. As a driver you can enter competitions and pay your licenses, clubs can manage competitions and results etc.

Log in with the same credentials you use in MinIdrett, KlubbAdmin or SportsAdmin. MITA will automatically retrieve personal information and memberships from these services.

Foreign Riders, Welcome to MITA

Please sign in to enter competitions or to create a profile (Foreign riders not representing a Norwegian club).


Your profile in MITA is connected to your account in MinIdrett. Your personal information, memberships etc. is automatically retrieved and presented in MITA. As a driver you can register your vehicles, enter competitions, buy licenses and see your competition results.

As a club in MITA you can see your membership directory, handle licensed members, apply for new competitions and administrate them. To gain access to the club section in MITA you need any of the following functions in KlubbAdmin: Arrangementsansvarlig, Org.ansvarlig or Leder.

Do you need help?
Contact nmf@nmfsport.no if you need help with MITA, or visit www.nmfsport.no.
Updates and maintenance of MITA take place every Monday between 06.00 and 08.00 local time. The system is unavailable during this period.